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Upright Lower Body Ergometer - MU100  

Adjustable pedal cranks enable a clinician to adjust the bike to accommodate a patient’s range of motion performance capabilities. This includes independently, single side or bilateral adjustments from a limited range
of motion as small as 15 degrees through full range of motion
Bidirectional resistance with both forward and reverse pedaling for instantaneous retro-cycling
Multiple resistance modes: constant resistance, constant power and Isokinetic resistance
Documentable patient positioning with numbered indexing seat and pedal crank adjustments for consistent patient set-up from visit to visit
Multiple seat adjustments: up/down seat position detents, fore/aft patient positioning, and hand-tight, positive locking knobs
Symmetry monitoring to measure bilateral power (example: Left 41 watts - Right 34 watts)
Work rate range from under 5 watts up to 1,750 watts
Dynamic braking minimizes impulse loading
Sub-max VO2 testing (YMCA protocol)
Software assisted patient set-up


Power Train - heavy duty, 8 groove poly-v belt for smooth, quiet operation, dual spring loaded idlers provide a low start-up resistance and forward/reverse pedaling motion, pedal to brake ratio provides smoother pedaling motion
Braking Device - electro-magnetic resistance allows for very small increments of workloads (5 watts per level at 60 rpm, 2 watts per level at 30 rpm), dual electromagnets provide a controlled Isokinetic resistance and our unique dynamic braking mode
Power - 100–240 volts AC (standard power supply)
Overall Dimensions - 43” x 23” x 55”
Net Weight - 119 lbs.
Max User Weight - 440 lbs.
Certifications - ISO 13485, IEC 60601-1-2, RoHS


Closed Kinetic Chain - Allows patients to begin exercise earlier, safer, and impact free within a pain-free range of motion, thereby reducing the patient’s “fear factor.”
Adjustable Swivel Seat - Position, seat back, and pedal crank for easy patient setup, knee and hip angle adjustments.
Active Movement - In both directions.
Bilateral Symmetry - Monitoring assists in improving limb deficiencies and walking gait.
Ideal For Patients - with patella femoral conditions, total knee replacements, ACL, MCL, and PCL repairs, other ligamentous repairs, arthritic conditions, tendonitis, and many more conditions.