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Tilt Table with HI-LO - Electric ( Model No.: IEMR-4093HL )

Physio High Low Tilt Table Has been designed to suit the Hospital Environment, Providing not only patient comfort but also flexibility needed in scanning technique.


  • Tilt Table with Electric Height adjustment & Electric tilt for Handicapped & Disabled patient to stand in upright position
  • Full 90° of Tilt Plus Negative Facility (-5° to –7°) with height adjustment to lower to wheel chair height 
  • Patient Straps as Fixation belts (Thoracic, Pelvic & Knee)
  • Breathing Hole for Prone Positioning
  • Foot Board is Available in adjustable angle. 
  • Available with Dimension 190 cm L × 64 cm W 
  • Electric Height Adjustment Range 46 to 84 cm
  • External Battery Back-Up to bring the patient down in case of power failure
  • Minimum 160 kg weight barring capacity of patient 
  • Four large Breaking Castors & Activity Tray