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THERA Active & Passive Trainer ( Model No.:TIGO 508 )

The THERA-Trainer TIGO is a professional therapy device especially for wheel chair users and people with walking disability. With the THERA-Trainer TIGO active (with muscle power), assistive or passive (with motor power) exercise is possible. The THERA-Trainer TIGO can be operated as easy as possible and is developed for the daily use in clinics or in the domestic use. It is in accordance to most recent quality and safety standards.


A000-525 - Base unit
A003-723 - Device base with castors,
A003-735 - Tip-up protection
A001-411 - Foot rests with stepless radius adjustment incl. Tool,
A003-717 - Tool holder
A001-777 - Foot-fixings
A001-428 - Leg support
A001-416 - Upper body exerciser
A001-417 - Long cranks for upper body exerciser
A001-419 - Grip adapters
A001-420 - Therapy grips
A002-440 - Wristbands for therapy grips/safety handle
A001-422 - Control and display unit with 5.7" color screen
A002-423 - Software package cycling for control and display unit
Dimensions - (L/W/H) - 90 / 63.8 / 111.5-121 cm
Weight - Approx. 41 kg


The THERA-Trainer TIGO was developed for people with stroke, spinal cord injuries, Multiple Sclerosis, Morbus-Parkinson, brain injuries, etc. By now the exercising device is successfully used by patients after joint replacement or other orthopaedic disease. 
  • Activation of the cardio-vascular system
  • Increasing of endurance
  • Activation of metabolism
  • Sustain and strengthen muscular power
  • Sustain of mobility (contracture prophylaxis)
  • Tonus regulation (spasticity)
  • Psychological stabilisation