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Activity Work Station ( Model No.:IEMR4154 )

This multi functional unit lets you treat multiple clients simultaneously so its makes better of clinic space and more efficient use of the therapist, time. Four sided design makes optimal use of limited therapy space. Encourage social interaction among clients and permits many activities to be performed sitting or standing. Complete station includes these important activities for assessment and treatment in addition to the basic workstation features.
  • Hand Tool Test Board
  • Graded Peg Board (100 Pegs)
  • Graded Square Peg Board
  • Graded Round & Square Peg Board
  • Key Hole Test Board
  • Shoulder ARC (Zig-Zag Type)
  • Manipulation Board (Door Latch Frame Set)
  • Shoulder Exercise Ladder
  • Dressing Frame Set (Set of 4)
  • Extend Your Reach Exerciser
  • Eggercisser (Set of 4)
  • Power WEB (any one)
  • Sturdy Construction with durable wood
  • Smooth rolling locking castors for easy mobility
  • Measurement 40" L × 24" × 40" H