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Microwaveable Spine Traction Table ( Model No.:1010 )

The IEMCO has added a new feather to their head-gear in form of Physio Robotic Microwaveable Spine Table within a year after the successful launch of its indigenized Microwave Therapy i.e. Physio MWD250CP last year.

The Physio Robotic Microwaveable Spine Table is a next generation uniquely engineered, having a complex robotic algorithm which makes it a rare species in RF devices category. It can be converted into a sophisticated decompression traction system once it combines with any advance traction system available in the market.

IEMCO's this innovation is further accessorized with (Optional) cervical traction mechanism, Lumbar & Counter Thoracic Harness, Flexion Stool, and pressure biofeedback device which make it a world's most advance decompression spine health solution.



  • Physio Robotic Microwaveable Spine Table allow dynamic application of microwave diathermy fitted underneath through fully computer controlled moto.
  • Complex robotic algorithm allows the microwave diathermy to recognize its path axis to achieve programmed frequency.
  • 7” Color Touch Screen display for all parameters with advance processor for high speed response.
  • 100 Pre-set Clinical Protocols,
  • 200 User defined memory with patient names.
  • Microwave motion available with variable speed 1~10 level.
  • Physio Robotic Microwaveable Spine Table is made of high quality non-magnetic tough stainless steel pipe.
  • Superb quality of PU foam seating for patients' comfort.
  • Precision craftsmanship to meets International standards.
  • Supplied with Wedge cushion (1x), Thoracic Harness (1x), Lumber Harness (1x), Flexion Stool (1x) as standard.
  • *Available with IEMCO Own Designed Traction Therapy System.
  • *Available with Advance Decompression Traction System with spreader bar, and Pressure Biofeedback Device.
  • 02 Years Warranty on Dynamic Microwave diathermy (1 year on consumable accessories), 10-Years-Warranty on Table frame.
  • Available with CE certification.


Power Emitted - 250W (Continuous) / 1600W (Pulsation)

Timer - 0 - 60 min

Power - 650 VA

Insulation/risk group - 1 BF – II B

Liquid Protection Level - IP×O

Dimensions - 1981 (L) × 610 (W) × 610 (H) mm

Weight - 60 kg Approx

Main Input - 190V - 245VAC

Motor - PMDC Motor 24 V Cont. 99W, Peak 286W

Gear Ratio - 10:1, WL3


Pain reduction

Improvement of collagen extendibility

Reduction in joint rigidity

Edema and inflammatory exudates reduction

Increase in the haematic flux